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Last Monday I had to take my car in a service is entitled to a dealer in Hartlepool, about 80 minutes from where I live to drive. They needed the car for about three hours so that instead of cars with four-wheel drive, I decided, because youporno it was youporno my first visit to Hartlepool to stay there and not knowing what to youporno do. After an hour he had to urinate and found a center of WC ( opposite the supermarket Lidyl ) and went on a couple of posts held and was not a handsome man standing at the urinal further. He went still, as I peed, and looking, I saw the tip of a cock, obviously, difficult. I felt very hot and my cock began to harden immediately, and I remained there until it was hard. youporno The other man was still there and from the corner of my eye I could see he was watching me. I made no attempt to hide my erection, and when I turned my head towards him, he had a broad smile on his face and gave me a good look at his cock. I quispered, 'Beautiful come. For my apartment?' I nodded and left only a few seconds and gathered outside. John ( not his real name) was 45 (23 years younger than me), the 5'9 'Tell, slim and very handsome. He said his apartment was located about ten minutes walk and the way he spoke of the. I liked both, and of course to be going well, he said he had a regular 26 - year-old boyfriend, who knew he would be free now, and I wondered if you have a 3 -. some yes, it was believed at the time that the last time we had the pleasure. so John David (name changed also ) called and invited him to join him in his house. youporno would be about 15 minutes before Dave could arrive, according to John, who was naked, and proposed first, and went to his room. was very elegant, modern and clean with a bed six youporno feet wide and a few full-height mirror wall on one side. we both started our shoes and socks, and John suggested that we also have the top, but to keep his pants and slowly discover each other. I agreed. John I have to stand before the mirror and he came and stood behind me and looked over his shoulder as he began, sensual, stroke me lightly on my chest, pinching my nipples and working slowly with hands in the crotch and run this takeover suddenly sexy very youporno obvious. He unbuckled his belt and pushed me down the pants, then his hand on my cock through my pants tight pre -cum that feels moist. 'Oh, that feels good, it says, ' before gradually relaxed my chest forward so my cock was free and a 6. 5 ' stand firm and proud youporno as he touched her, because for the first time . he was great. We, the courts and gave John the same treatment. But when unpacking and loweerd his pants, he had youporno no pants and shared his cock she let out. for at least 7 'looked and felt great and was glad that, like me, that was not shaved. In addition, we were both uncut foreskin but our takes on the back of our beautiful bright purple buttons. I found it incredible ! John n said that both should be in bed and play, Dave came up and before us, in a drawer in the bedside table pulled out a box of Kleenex, a bottle of lubricant Astrglide (which I love and also at home) and some condoms. We were face to face, touch and explore the other roosters. John was youporno a great touch, as I like : very slowly and gently, and with one hand, pulling the foreskin back to the base of the shaft and running in the fingertips of your other hand stroked the knob in the slot behind him and the frenulum extending tender. He liked me, he, the same treatment. Suddenly the doorbell rang and John knew it was Dave. He said to pull the covers over her waist, so Dave could also explore what they offer me before he had seen. David looked fantastic when he came and younger youporno than their actual age. He was about to the same height as John and pretty thin. John stood before him and slowly put Dave and sexyhis pants. The package looked good and his chest was incredibly smooth and firm. John watched as Dave slid under the covers and slid next to me on my right. I felt his hand come and start my right thigh and caressed slowly, until he came to my balls and then finally my cock. Mmmmm said he felt great! I reached out and touched for the first time, it was huge and slid down his pants and felt his cock. The largest of all of us, apparently clipped and shaved smooth. John pulled the blanket away from us and it was an amazing experience. John joined us in bed, and forming a triangle. I had the pleasure of playing and sucking Dave 's cock was John and he told me. I've always found very exciting for a guy pleasure, while another guy is playing with me. And so it was now. After a while we have focused on oral fun, lick the balls and the bottom of the shaft up and down, lick the frenulum and turned around and suck our buttons and t-shirtsacer cocks as deep as we could. After about ten minutes, we changed the triangle so that each had a different cock to enjoy. After a youporno while John said he would love to see David and I played together, and saw how we got into youporno the 69 position, while our two roosters John Astroglide lubricated before masturbating and suck slowly began to relax when one of us was close to cumming. I really enjoyed Dave cut cock. I've always had a special affection for them. needed a break. I was very close to coming, but wanted to stay forever in this session. So I went and enjoyed each other and enjoy John Dave. They were obviously very experienced together. Finally, John said he would youporno love me to suck him, while Dave took it. He told me he loved David axes, because he could really feel the edge of his youporno sharp button retraction and extension. So he rose from the bed and sexy John and deftly rolled a condomDavid Hahn, apply generously before additional lubrication with Astroglide and the edge of her ass. They wanted to fuck youporno up, so I had the exciting possibility to see, like Dave very slowly and gently press your button against John and little by little, the whole button set in. He stood still while John and I were dave sitting watching as slowly slid another piece bitantil shit was that before long fed slowly slowly. They were both moaning with pleasure, and John asked me to kneel before him and then suck at the same time. His cock looked bigger and stronger than ever, and I was delighted that he shit in your mouth, keep my movements in time with Dave. Soon complained John could not keep up and, indeed, I could feel his throbbing cock in my mouth. I'm afraid I do not like to swallow, so I took my way and just masturbated John lips until he shot a huge load off my chest. John and Dave retreated slowly past. hehad not cum, but I was desperate for it, as I. He took the condom and I said, I lay in bed and I want to sit astride me, as it holds together and straw for our cocks at the same time. David liked the idea and gave me more lubricant, both youporno our cocks like candy and slippery, was lying on his back with Dave straddled me and only fast, but easy we masturbated together. We were both very excited, did not last more than a minute before he could contain himself any longer and Dave follows immediately, showering me an incredible burden. The two were more than satisfied and everything was in the shower together to clean up before allowing things to do with. It truly was the best session I've had for years, and we agree that no doubt will do it, if I may invent the next excuse to go to Hartlepool.
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